International Strategy

Colin and Pastor Vali Tent, Romania
The Models for Disciple-Makers - Romanian
Elim Church, Romania
The Models for Disciple-Makers - Spanish
Training pastors in Ukraine
The Models for Disciple-Makers - Italian
Gypsy pastors, Romania
The Models for Disciple-Makers - Armenian
Training at the seminary in Siberia
The Models for Disciple-Makers - Russian
Elders in Benin, West Africa
The Models for Disciple-Makers - French
Training pastors in Benin, West Africa
Acceptable Costs - A History of Church-Planting in Benin
Colin Sr., Colin Jr., Kevin, and Andy translating the Models into Swahili
The Models for Disciple-Makers - Swahili


To fulfill the purpose of this ministry to advance the directive of Christ's Great Commission to make disciples of all peoples.


To develop, enable and establish disciple-maker training ministries using the "Models for Disciple-makers" in evangelical churches and pastoral training institutions in other countries.


  1. Identify a people group in which the evangelical church leadership is desiring to grow by making disciples in obedience to Christ.
  2. Locate a capable translator or team to translate the "Models" into the most respected and broadest level of the receptor language for maximum impact.
  3. Finance and supervise the translation/proof-reading process through the formatting and hard copy production phases to make available copies for the training phase.
  4. Organize the receptor group (primarily pastors) for an extended training period (at least 60 contact hours), adequate translation capability, meeting facility and housing/meals as necessary.
  5. Send experienced trainers to train the trainee group and identify a spiritual leader who will continue the training, supervise the effort in country, become ETM's contact person and spearhead the follow-through phases.
  6. Translate the "Appendices" and send a trainer or team to train those who are already making disciples under the direction of the spiritual leader in country.
  7. Supervise and finance the reproductive process by providing/supporting the printing, computer assisted duplication, counsel, encouragement and accountability until disciple-making becomes the primary objective of the churches involved.
  8. Support the disciple-making activities financially for a maximum of two years but continue to be available for counsel, encouragement and advisement as long as needed.


The president of Eternal Truth Ministries shall be responsible for the agreements, supervision and financial management of these ministries.