Leadership Development

Eternal Truth Ministries exists to renew the spiritual vigor of local evangelical churches by affirming the authority of God's word and by focusing on biblical principles.

Current status of evangelical churches in the United States:

  1. Researchers estimate that more than 70,000 churches have recently or are currently experiencing major division and strife causing fracturing in the body and declining enthusiasm and attendance.
  2. Less than 50% of the seminary graduates of ten years ago are currently in pastoral ministry for a variety of reasons.
  3. Estimates are that at least 145,000 of the 185,000 churches in the U.S. are declining in attendance, and the tenure of pastors in those churches is under two years.
  4. Most churches that are growing are doing so by transfers of disaffected members from other churches that are in decline and dysfunction.

The key to restoring spiritual vigor to the church body is to restore the spiritual vigor of the pastor and leaders, train them in making disciples in obedience to Jesus, Head over all things to the church, and work with them to model what it means to be a disciple of Jesus and train others also. The goal of this ministry is to permanently shift the focus of the leaders from institution building to building the spiritual body that is able to edify itself in love. Our training method is "Models for Disciple-making" which is entirely scripture based.

Jesus' method of disciple-making is relational, not curricular, so the "Models for Disciple-making" lesson plans and books are not available to anyone who has not completed the course with a trained disciple-maker and remains accountable to other disciples. After completing the training, the entire library of studies is available without charge including any of the many translations.

The Leadership Development ministry is a resident program for which participants are housed in the homes of staff ministers so the focus remains on modeling and personal relationships. The recommended length of study is 7-10 days. While ETM adjusts to the practical circumstances of the participants, the most effective course of events is for the pastor and his wife to take the training first and then plan a strategy for the other leaders and church members that may include staff from the church resources division visiting and working with the church. ETM has accommodated to several local church pastors together as a group and also pastor or pastors and lay leaders as a group. Of course, ETM has no remedy for pastors or leaders who are unable or unwilling to lead the flock of God.

Since we know from experience that pastors and church leaders do not look for this kind of disciplined approach to church renewal until their marriage is in trouble or they are under water financially or their church growth ideas have failed or all the above, ETM does not charge for its leadership development ministries. We provide housing and meals and experienced instruction without cost to ministers, church leaders and missionaries.

Please contact us. if you have questions, seek counsel or wish to schedule a visit.